Gen 2 Unifi Switch does not support 24V Passive!

USW16-POE Switch – what a pain!

We buy rack mount switches for clients to make nice tidy easy to service and maintain network infrastructure.
The Ubiquiti away support for 24V Passive devices and BOOM – our cabinet is full of 8023af Adapters at$40 a piece!
Or worse still, we need to go to every point and install the adapter at its destination. Every WAP and camera needs to come down!
One of my clients has 9 24V passive Unifi devices (4 AP-AC-LR and 5 Gen3 Bullet CCTV cameras).
We now have to jam 9 adapters in the front of the switch or spend a couple of hours up a ladder fitting adapters!
In addition, there is NO note at all warning the buyer of this lack of 24V passive support.
You can do better Ubiquiti!

Ubiquiti – you do some really great things but in this case you have taken a giant leap backwards in my view!


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