What is a WiFi Bridge?

A wireless bridge is used where a cable connection is not possible.
A wireless bridge can cover short or long distances and requires line of sight between the 2 points.
Typical speeds are between 300mbps and 1Gbps depending on hardware chosen and environmental factors.

Ubiquiti Bridge Wireless Hardware

We recomend Ubiquiti wireless hardware due to its robust business grade features.
A wireless bridge takes the place of an ethernet cable and has the benefit of covering long distances without the need to dig a trench.
Each end of the bridge needs to have line of sight of each other.
Ask us about the latest wireless bridge hardware Ubiquiti NanoBeam AC and PowerBeam products!

These weather proof units can be configured as outdoor access points or line of sight wireless bridges capable of large distances (>10km).
Please contact us for assistance in planning your wireless deployment.

Bridge LBE-5AC

Wireless Auditing
We use the best wireless spectrum analysis tools to assist in finding issues impacting your wireless network performance. We are also able to map signal strength across properties or campus using GPS.
Bridges are monitored using Ubiquiti’s UNMS platform. Technicians receive email i


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