Support Contracts


We Provide Ad-Hoc as well as Contract support. If you require Ad-Hoc support, Click the Network Doctor QS button below and call us on 0409359422.
An effective way to protect your Technology Investment is a support contract. Our $400 basic Small Business Server contract covers daily server log inspection, discounted rates on your monthly support costs and priority breakdown support.
Additionally, monitoring of Web, email and Blacklisting provides us with immediate notification of critical services being unavailable. You would normally pay well in excess of $600 monthly for an equivalent service.

This is great value as it enables many simple problems to be fixed over the phone without additional cost. In addition, major problems are often averted by log inspection.

If Network Doctor installed your server, it will be correctly setup to email logs daily. If another provider installed your server, an audit will be necessary prior to your contract coverage to ensure your server is setup correctly.

Work done at casual hourly rates (for clients without a support contract) as follows:

Melbourne$150 per hour
Brisbane$150 per hour
Sydney/Central Coast$150 per hour
Tweed Valley$140 per hour

Hourly Rates for Contract Clients is $110 per hour.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss a service contract for your business.
A copy of our support contract is available on request.

The full Version of Teamviewer can be found here.