Data backup is one of the most critical tasks for your business.

It protects your business from data loss in the event of hardware failure, malicious attack from external actors or disgruntled staff, accidental deletion, and a host of other causes.

A robust backup solution relies on both the deployment of good hardware and the right software.
Network Doctor uses Synology NAS devices to store your backups and these can be replicated across offices. These are an important tool in your data loss prevention strategy.

Backup Synology NAS RS2421+

We use VEEAM backup software to backup your data and virtualised hardware.
Veeam allows rapid recovery from data loss scenarios.
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Your Microsoft 365 data is also backed up to the in House Synology NAS giving granular restore functionality down to a single email.
Other cloud storage such as Google Docs can also be backed up locally.

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