SPAM causes more than just wasted time!

These days many SPAM emails also carry with them destructive or malicious code.
Most businesses have had at least one brush with ransomware and most of these infections occur because someone opened an fishing email.
Good SPAM protection allows your business to block email completely by geographical region.
We see many systems which are affected each year and some of the worst can cost many thousands to recover from. Don’t let this happen to you!

Our solution diverts all inbound email through a cloud filter en-route to your mailbox. SPAM is filtered out and clean mail gets through.
An email is sent daily – usually 8AM containing a digest of your SPAM email. You can easily manage email marking incorrectly filtered items as clean with the option to never block a sender.
Email can be automatically quarantined depending on its country of origin.
This service works with your business domains including M365 managed mailboxes. It does not work with Hotmail, GMail etc. as filtering depends on a private domain name for routing.

Network Doctor provides cost effective solutions to this otherwise difficult to manage problem. The cloud SPAM filtering service typically runs out at $399 per annum for your business which is less than one clean-up event cost.

If you feel that you may be inadequately protected in this vital area, contact your IT provider urgently. If you don’t currently have reliable IT support, consider contacting us.

If you receive SPAM and are protected by our online cloud filter, please forward the offending item to
This provides the necessary feedback to plug the hole.


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