Voice Over IP (VOIP)


VOIP is an acronym for Voice Over Internet Protocol. In essence, instead of using a carriers Telephone line and exchange to route a call, the system uses your internet connection thus avoiding the usual long distance call costs.
The system uses a SIP server to manage the quality and connection so a subscription is required to an Internet provider who supports SIP services.

The Key components are...
1. A broadband internet connection
2. An account with a VOIP provider
3. Suitable Network and Telephony equipment to use the service.

Properly setup, the VOIP alternative is indistinguishable from the Landline equivalent. The benefits are...
Multiple Virtual Lines into your Home or Business over 1 ADSL connection
PSTN integration so calls to 000 and Internet calling is possible.
Reduces call costs - 10c un-timed local & national (STD) calls
Full featured PBX systems are available at a low cost and can provide... Multiple extension systems Multiple PSTN Line Support, Automated Call Attendant Voicemail to each extension.
Network Doctor is a Linksys Voice System accredited reseller.


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