Network Doctor Rescue

Network Doctor uses state of the art software to allow remote connection and control of your machine. This means that on remote clients, issues requiring urgent attention can usually be diagnosed and or solved without waiting for an engineer to visit. Simply click the Windows logo below to run a small executable file (1.75Mb). Then simply contact Network Doctor support on 1300 4 NETDR or 0409359422 and quote them 9 Digit ID number. We can then connect to your PC or Mac*. This provides a cost effective method of quickly solving issues or providing training.

1 Windows Download Windows Quick Support Zip Windows Quick Support - Zip
2 Windows Download Windows Host Setup Zip Windows Host - Zip
3 Zip Mac Quick Support
4 Macintosh Download
 Mac Host

PLEASE DIAL 0409359422 for HELP

*The use of this software requires a working internet connection - preferably broadband.


Network Doctor Rescue

Try Network Doctor Rescue!*

"No fix - No charge" applies.

Call 0409359422 for support.
* Minimum charge $70

Remote Access and Support over the Internet with ScreenConnect