The Network Doctor provides IT solutions to residential, SOHO and small to medium sized enterprises. We have over 20 years IT experience and are able to help with all of your IT requirements.

Current clients include Automotive, Accountancy, Real Estate, Earth Moving, Not For Profit, Refrigeration, Printing, Civil Engineering, Medical Practice, Property Development, Photographic, Computer, Design and Retail businesses.

Our business is located on the Central Coast around 65km north of Sydney, but we install, service and remotely manage clients networks and servers from Melbourne to Brisbane.

Think your business is too small for a server? Read This!


Small Business Server goes EOL

Microsoft has indicated that its Small Business Server has reached the end of the line.
This effectively means that SBS 2011 is the final product and there will be no equivalent product released. This will increase the installation costs for those wishing to host their own email by several thousand dollars as the full version of Exchange Server will be needed. Please call to discuss your options.


This caution is for all our clients. If you are thinking of purchasing anything from MegaBuy, you may want to think twice. Here are the facts for our most recent order.
20/11/2011 - Ordered 4 x Kingston 1GB DDR2 400MHz CL3 DIMM Server Memory
Given numerous problems with MegaBuy showing stock in hand, but having none, I put the following note on my web order...
"Please call me if stock is a problem. You are showing 4 in stock, but your stock availability has been useless in the past. I need to know immediatly if stock is unavailable."
MegaBuy promptly banked my funds and I heard nothing.
2/12/2011 - received an email Order has changed to Info Waiting External
I rang MegaBuy and they said they would try to find an alternative supplier.
29/12/2011 - received an email - Discontinued Stock Notice
27/5/2012 - still have store credit after asking for a refund to my Credit Card in writing (Jan).
Needless to say, MegaBuy can not be considered a reliable supplier.

iCloud and your iPhone! (IOS 5 setup)

This caution is for our Business users with Exchange email servers and iPhones (all versions). When setting up your iPhone with the new IOS 5, you will be offered a free iCloud account as part of the process. Please feel free to use this but there are important concepts to observe. To prevent multiple entries and lost data, it is important to only sync with ONE source. If correctly configured, your iphone will be set up for Exchange email and will be continually synchronising with your exchange server. Therefore, when asked during the iCloud config if you wish to synchronise your Contacts, Calender and Email to the cloud, choose NO. Turn Synchronisation OFF for these items. It is GOOD to have Events, and Find My iPhone turned ON. We have had multiple clients experience duplicate and missing data following incorrect configuration. Feel free to call if you require assistance!


A company called TechIsOnline appears calling people at random and telling the person who answers that their PC is badly infected.
They then offer to fix the problem. They use remote software to access the clients PC and then offer to remove the Virus for a fee.
They are using a Queensland number (07) 31777544 but are based in Mumbai India. I spoke to a guy from TechIsOnline at length and they claim to have equipment that monitors PC's globally and they can tell when they are infected. When pushed for technical information such as the infected PC's IP address, they are unwilling / unable to provide detail. Please DO NOT under any circumstances provide them with either Credit Card details or give them access to your PC. Take details of the persons name and number and tell them you will get back to them.

There are other variations on the theme with some claiming to be from Microsoft!


IMPORTANT - Please read!

A company called Domain Name Group may send you paperwork which at first glance looks like a Domain renewal invoice.
Whilst these letters are not illegal, it is my opinion that they are certainly designed to mislead. Many businesses pay the account thinking it is a renewal of their domain name.
READ IT CAREFULLY! In every instance I have seen, and I have now seen many, the renewal is for a domain name that you do not currently own. For example, I own networkdoctor.com.au, and they sent me what looks like an invoice for $245 for networkdoctor.net.au. The amount being charged for a 2 year renewal is $245 which is $105 more than the premium provider of these services - Melbourne IT. Did I mention you also get a FREE iPod shuffle? - As we all know, nothing is for free!

If you are not sure, please call us and we will confirm if you should be paying the account.


Network Doctor Rescue

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